Hope that answered your questions fine. The stone could be separated from the collar to be put elsewhere, it made it possible to transfer its level of collar from one collar to another, practical! Previous 1 2 3 4 11 Next. Also, upgrading their belts is affordable for most players. All KTS related topics get merged into this one.

rappelz kts

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Personally, I am looking forward to this update Rather nice for circus jewelry!

With these novelties, we can wear two pairs of earrings. Some people do not always understand, others read too fast and zou, it becomes a sacred bazaar: Nothing wrong with 2 bosscards, that is not rappeelz Just like you should read duration instead of etherage, and necklace instead of collar. Need to submit a ticket? All KTS related topics get merged into this one.

Last edited by Jono ; I like the the new lak system. I think that the bosses are the same for each stage, just different levels of difficulty.

New pair of earrings? Hope that answered your questions fine. I don’t gappelz to hijack, and no one replies here anymore. Has anyone heard anything new?



Good, good, we desperately needed stronger characters and wider gaps between them. New dungeon “Temple of Magical Mysteries” is added. MOD why are you moving my post into this thread?

Login or Sign Up Log in with. Previous 1 2 3 4 11 Next. Room five has the middle boss, room six has mobs in it, but once you kill them they don’t respawn, this is probably a room to recap, take a break, heal, etc and then finally room ten has the final boss much like room five’s room.

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So long as stuff can be traded in-game, it’s actually not too badI guess. I don’t think it’s in channels as none of their recent stuff has been, and the patch notes use “instance” so I’m sure they mean regular instances, but you never know. Hawk, Baell and Nazgul: Avert your eyes, delete your cookies. Same thing about the translation error here, and just cementing the idea that it is an instance dungeon. The temple of Maaisei consists of dungeons for each stage.


rappelz kts

Mysterious old man Island of Lost Secrets. Hope this means instanced like circus and Underground Snowy mardukas nakhi Island of Lost Secrets.

Originally posted by Almaestro View Post. If you have alternate suggestions about what particular updates could mean, please post them below! Back to 1 shot wonders again woohoo! It rapplz be possible to put what you want on slot 8, boss card or pet card, whatever you want.

I would like to be able to equip 1 more belt pet and 1 more boss rapplez. One where you can only put the boss card but it can be put elsewhere eh!

rappelz kts

Again the translation mistake There are 1 to 10 rooms per stage.